Fiesta Solutions

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We offer many different lines of products to enrich any event. Our decor rentals include red carpets, stanchions, hedge walls, boxwood hedges, whiskey barrels, and many other event items.

  SKU Product Price
TEMP18 8' Leather Columns CONTACT US
TEMP17 Charging Stations CONTACT US
TEMP23 Full Venue Draping up to 20ft Walls CONTACT US
INV243 Red Velvet Rope with Gold Hook $9.00
INV102 Red Velvet Rope with Silver Hook $9.00
INV238 Gold Pole Stanchion $9.50
INV101 Silver Pole Stanchion $9.50
INV486 Black Retractable Stanchion $12.00
INV373 Wine Barrel Cocktail Table - 40'' Top $47.00
INV20 Red Carpet $69.99
INV380 Hedge Walls 4x8 $150.00
INV579 Grand Bianco Bar $225.00
TEMP22 Main Table Backdrop 14ft Custom Swags $265.00
INV26 Draped Canopy $299.00

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