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Tent Accessories 

We offer a variety of accessories for our tent rentals. Our products vary from basic lighting, cafe lighting ,  led lights  to tent draping, and chandeliers.   we also provide lighting and banner frames for festival tents. 

  SKU Product Price
TEMP37 Tent Liner/ Tent Draping CONTACT US
INV108 String lighting- Cafe lighting $1.25
INV126 Solid Side Walls Linear Ft $1.80
INV127 Cathedral Side Wall Linear Ft $2.25
INV326 Clear Side Wall Linear Ft $3.00
INV338 White pipe sleeves (per sq-ft) $12.00
INV128 Tent Leg Drapes $20.00
INV367 Tent Gutter (10') $31.25
INV335 Sidewall Trac System 10ft Wide ( Entrance ) $35.00
SKU21620 Tent Banner Frame ( frame only )10ft $100.00
INV131 Chandelier $275.00
INV403 Double Doors Tent $275.00

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