Portable Power Generators

We are experts at special events therefore we understand the power needs and power distribution needs for different settings such front of house , your power systems need to support many things behind the scenes, including security, medical, ticketing and retail. Setting up power for these services can be complex, and equipment often needs to fit within a tight space or be installed a long way from your event. Most outdoor event sites need Portable Power Generators at fiesta solutions event rentals we have generators of all sizes starting with our ultra quiet honda 3000watt to tow able Diesel generators from 25kw to 50kw.
Available voltages — 120/40 single phase, 208/120V, 480/277V

Operate quietly – Sound attenuated design, for quiet operation and minimal noise.

IF you are not sure what type of diesel generator you need for your event we are just a phone call aways

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