Renting a tent is a fairly easy process.

1. Measure the space available to set up the tent. Inform us the type of surface: concrete, sand or grass.

2. Make a layout/list of what you would like under the tent (dance floor, stage, food tables, DJ, number of guest)

3. Send us an email or call us and we will provide an estimate of your tent rental price. Keep in mind we also rent chairs, tables, linens and lighting. We are a one stop shop!

Renting a tent can be a crucial part of planning an event. Adequate space and protection from weather elements are very important considerations for your guests. With an outdoor tent, you can accommodate any number of guests who will have plenty of room to move and sit comfortably.

Why rent a tent from Fiestas Solutions Party Rental?

Quality is what sets Fiesta Solutions Party Rental apart from other rental companies. 90% of our tents are frame tents which give you the availability to set the tent in any surface: concrete, pavers, sand, and grass. Literally, anywhere. In addition, we use the latest tents in the market, which are made from aluminum and you will not have a tent full of rust or dirt. Our tents are manufactured with the highest-grade vinyl: 16oz blackout and engineered to withstand the greatest wind load possible. We clean our tents regularly to make sure you are getting a beautiful, clean tent rental.

Delivery and Labor may apply depending on location of set up.

– Recommended  Tent Seating Chart
Tent Size
20′ x 20′

20′ x 30′

20′ x 40′

20′ x 50

30′ x 30′

30' x 40'

30′ x 60

Sit down Dinner






This chart is for seating alone, a larger tent is required to allow room for Buffet Tables, Bars, Dance Area, & Head Tables.

10x40 Frame Tent

10x40 Frame Tent

10x40 frame tent, fits 4 tables, about

Price is tent only does not include side walls

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20x60 Tent
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Clear Tent Rentals

Clear Tent Rentals

Clear Tents are the perfect solution to have the outdoor feeling space while keeping a roof that provides shelter. all of our clear tents are frame style which do not have a center pole.the clear vinyl allows for natural light during the day and a wonderful see trough of lighting at night. We recommend Clear Tent tops to wow your guest

Pair your clear top tent with clear walls and doors for additional wow factor!

Our Clear Tents makes for a spectacular evening event so you can enjoy your party under the stars. This type of tent allows your guests to feel like they are out in the open with the security of a roof over their heads.

Pro Tip: During summer we suggest evening events to start around dusk or have air conditioning.

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10x10 Frame Tent

10x10 Frame Tent

10x10 Frame Tents can be set up on almost any surface grass or concrete.
10x10 tents are very popular for festivals, vendor tents, food festivals.